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Why Timeshare

Why take the Freeway?


The American Resort Development Association, had an online survey of 1,722 timeshare owners. Multiple responses were permitted.

  • Affordable financial terms 23%

    No need to finance when they are free!

  • Amenities at home resort 23%

    All the comfort of home in beautiful, exotic locations.

  • Affordable price for vacation home 23%

    Historically, timeshares have been considered an affordable vacation option, but by eliminating mortgages and upfront costs, you’ll save more
    than ever before. You will save an average of $19,000 per unit.

  • Exchange opportunities with other resorts 23%

    Ownership in a timeshare allows you to exchange with other resorts. You are not stuck going to the same place year after year.

  • Ability to pass to heirs 27%

    or pass along the right to use to a new owner. With the Timeshare Freeway you now have options!

  • Certainty of quality accommodations 28%

    The resorts are beautiful. Avoid the high pressure sales tactics and large upfront fees that traditionally come with ownership.

  • Certainty of vacation 29%

    Yours FREE, just take over yearly maintenance fees

  • Flexible locations, unit types, times of year 35%

    We havehundreds of locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and many more!

  • Resort location 43%

    Choose your vacation destination from the comfort of your own home. No tricks. No pressure. Just free timeshares.

  • Save money on future vacations 44%

    Instantly save money! No need to pay resorts an average of $19k to own when you can have it for free! Just take over maintenance fees.