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About Us

We are here to help people own vacation property without the high cost of purchasing directly from the resort!

Most Timeshare owners have two fees. The cost to purchase (averaging $21,000), and the Maintenance Fees that are essentially covering your yearly vacation. With us, the cost to purchase goes away! You will own your own vacation property – which many have paid thousands of dollars for – the FREE WAY!

Most Timeshare owners who purchase from the resort don’t quite understand what they bought. The sales process can be confusing (and in some cases, misleading). We take the time to educate you because we want you to enjoy your vacation property to its full extent! No smoke and mirrors, just free Timeshares and wonderful family vacations.

One of the many benefits of going through us to own your vacation property is that we are here for you throughout your ownership. If and when you choose to no longer own your vacation property, you will now have options that many current owners who purchase directly from the resort never receive. You will be gaining a valuable resource in the industry that not many owners have.